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Hi. I'm Matt Ford, founder of Equilateral Productions, a bicoastal video production company serving clients in the New York City and Los Angeles markets.

In founding and running Equilateral Productions, my focus is on crafting video narratives that captivate and resonate, leveraging my expertise in transitioning concepts to compelling content. With a robust background in both studio and field production, my company has successfully managed shoots ranging from intimate studio settings to grand locations, like securing the Eiffel Tower for filming within a mere week.

My work with high-caliber clients, including MrBeast, has not only demanded rapid project turnarounds but also an acute understanding of what makes content thrive in the digital space. At BuzzFeed, I spearheaded shoots with A-list talent and produced viral videos that garnered over 3.5 million+ views. This experience is layered atop a background in scriptwriting and digital journalism, ensuring that every project I undertake is rooted in strategic storytelling, audience engagement and virality.

For my work in front of the camera, please visit

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